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What is PINK?

Based in Aberdeen PINK is a group  for anyone affected by cancer.

PINK are an upbeat group of friendly people of all ages who enjoy socialising and are able to offer support, before during and after diagnosis...more

How PINK Help?

PINK provide the opprtunity for get together as a group - to meet new people and talk about any issues that are on you mind.

PINK member all have a direct experience of cancer and we are great listeners! It can be a great relief to talk things though with people who understand...more

Socials and Outings

PINK enjoy socialising together by planning for outings and other events.

Socialising is a huge part of what PINK is about and you will be pleased to know that the emphasis is on the social and fun aspects of life and is therefore a great distraction for the more challenging aspects associated with cancer...more

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Up and Coming Events

01/10/18 - Clan House Talk...

13/11/18 -
Listen to the Lovely Fiona more...

08/12/18 - PINK Xmas Party 2018...

Come join us at our Social Evenings on the second Tues of every month,  7.30pm - 9.30pm at Clan House, 120 Westburn Road. (note no meeting are held during the holiday months of Jan, Feb, July and Aug)